Where do you meet?

Unfortunately during the period of pandemic-related shut down, the community from whom we'd been renting space, Desert Streams Lutheran Church, closed and the building.

Our community grew during this time and, with the acceptance of virtual gatherings, we have been able to include new members not residing in the city of Surprise, or even in Arizona.

As we continue to seek a new physical worship venue, we are gathering in-person in public venues throughout the week. Weekly Sunday worship is hosted by an Emmaus member, shaded and cooled. We are grateful to the community that has continued to gather despite these challenges and to all who are courageous enough to come and see and come and help us continue to grow!

We're happy to answer any and all questions and look forward to seeing everyone in person once again. Have questions? Please email: EmmausEpiscopal@gmail.com

Know that we continue to meet at least six days each week for worship, study, fellowship, service, and prayer.

Please visit the pages linked here for listings of our daily activities and contact us with any questions.

Worship with us - Opportunities to worship and pray together seven days a week
Serve with us - Learn of past service projects and exciting future events
Study with us - Join us as we tackle difficult and timely justice-centered discussions
Connect and Grow With Us - From crafting circles to fellowship hours, come and "play" and get to know us