The Road

Students in grades 9-12 are invited to join us for real-world conversations and relevant service projects
featuring expert guest presenters and Scripture-based studies of student-suggested topics.
2019/20 School Year Study Theme: The Faces of Poverty
We are all familiar with "poverty" as relating to a lack of financial resources, but how often do we stop to consider the many other ways poverty presents itself in our world? Working from a list of topics created by our youth, we will examine some of the areas of our lives that may leave us "rich" or "poor" including: Culture, Imagination, Gender, Spirituality, Identity, Race, Geography, Education, Mental & Physical Health, and more.

Spring 2020 - Examining Inequality
As we attempt to understand the many types of poverty we've observed, we'll look more closely at several of the areas where we've observed inequality. 
  • January 19: Time for Change? (Part I) Study a timeline of several social and political changes and identify         trends in the type of social action, political action that lead to lasting change.
  • January 26: Growing Up in the Deep South: The Rev. Robert Berra join us to share his story of growing up,       white, male, and the son of a Chief of Police in the deep south.
  • February2: Time for Change? (Part II) Summary conversation and discussion of the "100-year" trend. Then,       we'll choose a few topics of particular significance to our group and examine where we are in the cycle and           what understanding that place might tell us about our future attempts to create change.
  • February 9: 
  • February 16: A History of Popular Music (Part I) Take a tour of the development of popular American music    styles and trace their origins from Italian bel canto, brought to the shores of the New World by European              colonists, and the traditional African sounds brought by our enslaved ancestors.
  • February 23: Questions & Answers with the Rev. Robert Berra Father Robert returns to answer questions      arising from his latest talk and to share words of wisdom learned in his many years of study.
  • March 1: A History of Popular Music (Part II) We'll use what we have learned about the development of            Jazz, Blues, and others as we study more modern music trends - Classic Rock, Metal, Rap, and many more.
  • March 8: Movie Night - Straight Outta Compton* Using this recent movie, we'll examine music as both an         artistic expression in the quest for ever-evolving sound, and as a tool for social and political change.
  • March 15: Hannah Gadsby's Nanette* Responding to questions from our youth and young adults, we'll watch    this Netflix special where Hannah Gadsby explains her need to "quit comedy." Learn the mechanics of jokes,        how and why they make us laugh, and how they impact audiences and comedian alike.
  • March 22: Comedy in Our Personal Lives Explore the role comedy has in our everyday life at school, work,    home. Learn how to better identify subtext and understand how the jokes we tell and the jokes we hear impact    our understanding of how the world works and our impressions of those around us.
  • March 29: Taking Stock Putting our Learnings into practice. Participants this night will discuss what we've          learned these past few weeks and explore ways we might become still more inclusive of our neighbors and          more understanding of the needs of those we pass on the street every day. And, we'll work to design outreach      opportunities and service projects that will meet the actual needs of those around us.

Join us as we study history, traditions, social and cultural understandings surrounding these areas, engage in fun activities to engage our learning, and discern where we are being called to act to combat the poverty present in our community.  All discussions begin with a shared meal and follow our community-wide worship and coffee "hour".


This study has been crafted to meet the needs of our mature high school students and young adults. The groups will combine for the weeks of this study. The study will, at all times, be monitored by adults trained in Safeguarding God's Children and Safeguarding God's People.

*This movie is rated "R" and the Netflix special unrated. Due to mature content included in both, participants under age 18 will be required to present a permission slip, signed by their own parent or legal guardian.

Meeting each Sunday 5:30pm-7:30pm

Schedule of Events:
4:00pm Community Worship
5:00pm-5:30pm Coffee Hour

5:30pm Youth & Young Adult Dinner
6:00pm Presentation/Discussion
7:30pm Parent Pick Up

*Please note that often Deb will join The Journey Young Adult Discussion Group following parent pick-up.
There will be no supervision of youth after 7:30pm.

Meeting in the Fellowship Hall at 10330 N. Cotton Ln., Waddell, AZ unless otherwise specified.

Students, of any faith background, or no faith background
 are welcome to join us for this and all Emmaus studies and events!